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Photo Gallery

My Aiken trainer Amy Mcelroy and me after I earned the USDF Silver Medal.

An early picture, 2002, of Gunnar teaching me in Florida on my mare, Sasha.

Me coaching at a show.

Part of “The Mcelroy Group” at the WEG, 2018.
Me on the tractor
Me on the tractor.

Geyser getting a massage from his therapist, Brianna Waltz!
Geyser and Susan
Geyser and me, what a sweet boy he is.
Sluggo hiding under my tack
Sluggo hiding under my tack.
Geyser and his Kitty
Geyser and Sluggo.
Geyser Lead Changes at home
Geyser: practice makes perfect at home!
Geyser and Ella
Geyser and Ella, his fancy Thoroughbred/Hanoverian girlfriend.
Sluggo - this is my barn!
Sluggo - This is My Barn!
Sasha in the pasture
Sasha Krogager enjoying the pasture.
Catherine Arhnsbrak and Bella
Catherine Arhnsbrak showing off her win!
Sasha Krogager with Julia Adams
Julia Adams in the barn with Sasha.
Bella owned by Catherine Arhnsbrak
Bella owned by Catherine Arhnsbrak.
Geyser hanging out in his stall
Geyser hanging out in his stall.
Sasha Krogager 2006 with Susan Todd
Sasha Krogager and Susan Todd (WNC photo 2006).
Sasha Krogager 2006 with Susan Todd
Geyser schooling in the field.
Jeanette Maybin on Scrappy, Student
Student Jeanette Maybin schooling on Scrappy.
Susan schooling students in cross country
Susan schooling cross country students.
Eventing Horses Murray and OBryan and Susan
Susan with Eventing horses Murray and O'Bryan.
Goat on a horse in the pasture at Hidden Creek Dressage
A goat on a horse in the pasture at the barn.
Walt Todd at a show helping out
Walt Todd helping out at a show!


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